“Dress as fabulously as you feel”

Here on Planet Fabulon, we’re all about giving creatures the chance to be exactly who or what they want to be. We encourage you to let loose, get creative, work some DIY magic, and show us your most expressive you.

Costumes are naturally a part of what we do. But there’s also NO pressure to dress any other way than exactly how you want to dress. Sometimes a silly costume isn’t what you’re in the mood for. That’s fine with us too. Jeans and a t-shirt are just as welcome on our dance floor as the most flamboyant glittery spacesuit!

Because no matter how you look, if you arrive planetside with an open mind, presenting your most honest you, we’re sure you’ll have a memorable visit.

… and then maybe you’ll feel more like rocking a badass costume the next time around! 😉