Warp Speed: $10   |  Impulse Speed: $15  |  Thrusters (Door): $20  |  +HST/fees

Please familiarize yourself with our values before attending the party


People of Earth!

We invite you to join us in closing out our first season with a Big Bang! Fabulon is taking a neon-streaked, psychedelic trip through the rabbit hole at the edge of reality. A place where black hole meets black light and the gravitational pull of the dance floor refuses to let you go. So strap on your brightest, whitest, or UV-lightest spacesuits and prepare to bask in the rhythmic glow of our singularity. All galactic creatures are welcome!

What to Wear:

We encourage all guests of Planet Fabulon to dress as fabulously as you feel.The theme isn’t mandatory at all: anything goes, if it helps you feel like your best you. But we do come from outer space, so your most glittery, intergalactic outfits are also always welcome. And some visitors to our planet really do like to get in on the theme, so here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing if it’s your thing:    

Kaleidoscopic Kreatures, Phosphorescent Planets, Blooming Black Holes, Effervescent Explorers, Alien Astrophysicists, Interdimensional Beings, Ultraviolet Astronauts, Schrodinger's Cat, Babel Fish, Space Raptors, Tron Dancers, Glow-In-The-Dark Glamazons, Dayglow Divas, & Neon Ne’er-do-wells... or simply throw on your sparkliest spacesuit!


Outer space is infinite. Sadly, space inside our venue is not. So you’ll want to book passage through our portal before it’s too late…

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More Music and Performance Details coming soon!