Warp Speed: $10   |  Impulse Speed: $15  |  Thrusters (Door): $20  |  +HST/fees

Please familiarize yourself with our values before attending the party


People of Earth!

Good communication is the root of a truly reciprocal relationship. So with one party down, we’re now counting on that most universal of languages to bridge the divide between our two worlds: Mathematics!

Join us for a night full of frisky formulae and booty-shaking binomials. This ain't your average party. Cos we’ve coordinated a superset of mathemagical activities calculated to prime you for a night with no equal! All galactic creatures are welcome!

What to Wear:

We encourage all guests of Planet Fabulon to dress as fabulously as you feel.Anything goes, if it helps you feel like your best you. But we do LOVE a good costume, so your most glittery, intergalactic outfits are always welcome! And for those who really want to get in on the theme, we have a number of suggestions to help differentiate you from the crowd:    

Sultry Statisticians; Cosmic Calculators; Memorable Mathematicians; Platonic Solids; Dancin’ Dice; Rubik’s Cubes; Naughty Nerds; Numberwang; Professor Calculus; Radius of the lost Arc; Pi Hard; Factor the Future, Costumed twosomes, threesomes, or moresomes... or simply throw on acute top or your sparkliest alge-bra!


Outer space is infinite. Sadly, space inside our venue is not. So you’ll want to book passage through our portal before it’s too late…

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From across the stars, we scan your airwaves for music and performers that best represent our intergalactic culture. We’re stoked and humbled to announce our next lineup of DJs, guaranteed to blast your asses into outer space:


Aeryn Pfaff is a queer Toronto based techno DJ. He likes music, kooky outfits and cooking. He has DJ'd across Canada, from Montreal to Vancouver. He cares about politics, feminism, queer communities, trans rights and anti-racism. Get into it henny!


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With over 11 years experience as a DJ, Luis F has had residencies and gigs at venues like the Apothecary, M Lounge, Surface Nightclub, C Lounge, Beba lounge, Comfort Zone, Systemsoundbar, Boa, Cache, Teknival Festival, lily lounge, Club V, Kabin, Ourhouse Mod Club Theatre, Coda, and a recent residency at Round. Blending all styles of house together from deep, funk, dark, tribal, and tech house elements, he is ready for his next level of production. Keep an eye out for Luis F productions soon to be released.



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Melectric is beaming on down to Planet Fabulon from the far reaches of the funkosphere with a spaceship full of nudisco magic and soulful deep house grooves of a magnitude so fierce they'll knock you off your asteroid. Strap yourselves into your space suits and get ready... for a total eclipse of the booty! 



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Fabulons love a fantastic live show, and after scouring the weird and wonderful of your milky way, our interstellar talent trackers have found the perfect being to kick off our rendezvous! So arrive early! Because at 12pm sharp we’ll be showcasing an incredible cosmic spectacle...the one...the only:


James & the Giant Pasty is an award-winning burlesque performer, producer, and teacher. He is the founder and artistic director of BoylesqueTO, Canada's premiere all-male burlesque troupe. He has a schlong list of accomplishments, but no one likes it when you talk about your schlong...list. He likes to put his best face backwards.


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Dancing at parties is fun and all... but sometimes you want a little something else to do in between two-steps, amirite? Luckily, we’ve got a starship's load of interactive activity areas planned for you:


When traveling through a wibbly wobbly timey wimey portal to another world, you can't forget your Interplanetary ID!

But we think the best way to capture someone's true identity is to showcase their unique goofy sparkle and shine, not by taking some stodgy ID photo that makes them look like they're half asleep and have six and a half chins.

So our crack team of intergalactic travel agents will be on hand at the top of the night - in our specialized video booth - to help you create your very own animated GIF ID for commemorate your time on Planet Fabulon!


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Imagine: you decide to leave Earth without a costume... but when you arrive at the party, you're overcome with the urge To. Get. Fabulous. What do you do!?

The bYoutie Bar has got you covered! Their (FREE) glittery costume and make-up station will be on hand for anyone who fancies dolling themselves up a little bit more than when they came through the door... erm... portal. 

Featuring 100% biodegradable glitter, courtesy of GreenGlitter.ca


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Traveling to a new world and meeting new creatures can be all kinds of nerve-wracking. But fear not! The Insecurity Guardians of the Galaxy will be patrolling Planet Fabulon to relieve you of all the pesky insecurities that might keep you from fully enjoying yourself.

Participants simply write down their insecurities on pieces of paper and deposit them in the high-tech Insecurity Safe (TM). All insecurities collected are private and not read by anyone. Then, either at the event or back home, they will set the entire safe ablaze!

Burn insecurities, Burn.



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Our studies of your planet tell us that a party without food just doesn’t add up! And that no math-themed party would be complete without an irrational display of deliciousness!

That's why, at 3:14am (obvs), our stellar servers will be dividing up fresh slices of pi(e) to all the lovely humans that stick with us til the end! Because: pie!


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Can't wait to party planetside with you!